Winter Events

In the winter, there is no place as exciting as Big Sky, Montana! From adrenaline rushing adventures, to relaxing nights sitting in hot tubs starring at star filled skies, you will create lifelong memories in Big Sky. Here are a few of our favorite things to do during Big Sky’s epic winter months.

Big Sky Resort Activities: (406) 995-5769
Adventure Zipline                                                                               Nature Zipline
Up to 2.5 hours. Voted as one of the best in USA Today!                Up to 2 hours. Family friendly tour.

Bungee Trampoline                                                                            Snowshoe Tours
3 minutes of extreme adrenaline.                                                         Up to 2 hours. Mountain Village.

Giant Swing
5-7 minutes of family fun.

Additional Activities:

Dog Sledding:
Spirit of the North                                                                                Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures
(406) 995-3424                                                                                          (406) 223-5134

Sleigh Rides:
320 Ranch                                                                                               
(406) 995-4283                                                                                         

Montana Dinner Yurt
(406) 995-3880

Snowmobile Tours:
Canyon Adventures
(800) 520-7533

Nordic Cross Country Skiing:
Lone Mountain Ranch                                                                         Freeheel and Wheel (West Yellowstone)
(406) 995-4644                                                                                           (406) 646-7744

Yellowstone Alpen Guides
(800) 858-3502

Nordic Backcountry Skiing:
Grizzly Outfitters                                                                                     Gallatin Alpine Sports
(406) 995-2939                                                                                             (406) 995-2313

Yellowstone Alpen Guides
(800) 858-3502

Snow Coach Tours:
Yellowstone Alpen Guides                                                                   See Yellowstone
(800) 858-3502                                                                                             (800) 221-1151

Yellowstone Vacation Tours
(800) 426-7669