Summer Events

Summertime in Big Sky, Montana - what isn't there to do!? Big Sky is as much a summer oasis as a winter wonderland. We love Big Sky's breathtaking views during this season. The view of Lone Peak is glorious and the wildlife roam through the meadows, enjoying that warm summer breeze. Here are a few of our favorite things to do during Big Sky’s beautiful summer months.

Big Sky Resort Activities: (406) 995-5769
Lone Peak Expedition                                Adventure Zipline                                                Nature Zipline

Scenic Lift Ride                                           Bungee Trampoline                                             Giant Swing

Climbing Wall                                             Gemstone Mining                                                 Archery

Fly Fishing                                                   Whitewater Rafting                                              Lake Levinsky Marina

Additional Activities:

Horseback Riding:
Cache Creek Outfitters                             Canyon Adventures                                                Jake's Horses
(406) 995-3888                                         (406) 995-4450                                                      (800) 352-5956

Lone Mountain Ranch                             Rocking HK Outfitters
(406) 995-4644                                         (406) 333-4505

Wildlife Viewing:                               Rockclimbing:                                                   Golf Course:
Yellowstone Tour Guides                        Montana Alpine Guides                                         Golf Courses
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