Equipment Rentals

Numerous outlets in the Big Sky community offer ski and snowboard rentals.  Each of our properties have convenient ski-in & ski-out access.  We recommend advance ordering of your rental equipment and having the equipment delivered to your property.

Gallatin Alpine Sport
Whatever the season or adventure you're seeking, alpine skiing, crosscountry skiing, mountain biking or hiking you can trust our friends at Gallatine Alpine Sports (GAS) to have the equipment you need. GAS offers customized boot and ski fittings at the convenience of your own rental home. Upon your fitting, GAS will deliver your winter/summer equipment that next morning! Allowing you to quickly access your adventures at or near Big Sky Mountain Resort.

Complimentary Adventure Equipment:

We provide various complimentary adventure equipment at our luxury rental homes. Please see the specifics for your property in your Welcome House Manual. Some homes provide up to 4 pairs of snow shoes to allow you to trek in peace through the snow covered pines.

Your home may also be equipped with mountain bikes to explore the vast trails of Big Sky Resort. If you are using our bikes, please wear a helmet.

If children under the age of 16 are using any of the equipment, please monitor them at all times to ensure their safety and to make sure our equipment stays in tip-top shape. If any of the equipment breaks during your stay, please let us know immediately so we can get it expeditiously repaired.

Please check the listing of your property to see what amenities and equipment are included. Should your property listing not have bikes and/or snowshoes, and you would like to use them during your stay, please inform our staff and we will do our best to find spare equipment for you and your guests.