Chef & Catering Services

Boreas Personal Chef Co.
(906) 458-0431
[email protected]
Chef Steve and The Boreas Personal Chef Co. offer full course dinners up to week long, full-service chef services. From corporate retreats to intimate family dinners they have you covered. They are also pros at accomodating dietary lifestyles such as vegitarian, vegan, gluten free and more! 
The Gourmet Gals
(406) 995-7300
[email protected]
Take the ease out of your day and hire our talented chef & caterers, The Gourmet Gals. Located in Big Sky, Gourmet Gals offer in-lodge customized services for hiring chefs, catering and/or cooking classes. Great oppurtunity to create those everlasting,unique memories for you and your guests to share all while indulging a delicious meal. Options are avaiable by contacting them at the link below in advance to create one meal or multiples.